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OZ Racing Futura Center Caps - M298

OZ Racing Futura Center Caps - M298

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We are proud to offer our version of OZ Racing M298 Futura Center Caps.

These are sold in single units, for a set of four center caps, make sure to add “Quantity - 4” to your cart.

Product Details

  • These center caps are sold unfinished and require light sanding, primer, and paint to finish them.

  • 3X M4 nuts per cap are included which are used for accepting bolts to mount the center “carbon” ring to the cap.

  • Lettering Options: There are two options for center lettering - “OZ Racing” or “OZ Italy”. Select your preferred lettering for no additional cost.

  • Bolts Add-On: A full set of stainless steel bolts for mounting the center ring and the cap itself can be added to your order. Per cap, this consists of 2X, M4x30mm bolts for mounting the cap and 3X, M4x10mm bolts for mounting the center ring to the cap.

  • Ring(s) Add-On: A black plastic center ring for the cap can be added to your order. 

  • Outer diameter of the center cap is 158mm

  • Made out of a strong, semi-flexible, and durable plastic that will withstand any weather conditions.

These replace center caps with the original OZ Racing part number M298. They will fit 16” and 17" OZ Racing Fittipaldi and Futura wheels that accept a 158mm outer cap diameter. Two holes may need to be drilled and tapped in your wheel to mount this center cap with the two provided mounting bolts. If your wheels use a single-mounting fastener to secure your center caps instead of the two-bolt style on these caps, check out our M283 or M507 replacement center caps.

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