E30 convertible hatch trim covering - Installation Instructions

To view the PDF version, click here.

  1. Removing the old (OEM) trim assemblies.

Put the convertible top down and leave the tonneau cover open. Pry off the 3 metal clips on the underside of each trim piece and slide each assembly off.

  1. Installing the new trim assemblies.

The new trim assemblies do not use any of the old clips (other than the larger one if you choose to use it instead of the included plastic one, more on that later).

With one hand, pull up on the door card while simultaneously pushing the new trim assembly into place. Be careful pushing the trim assembly into place, they are fragile, and it should not take too much force to get them sliding! Once you have it pushed in a bit, remove your one hand that is pulling up on the door card and slide the trim assembly in the rest of the way. The new trims are held in by friction and therefore don’t require the two small clips that were used on the old one.

You’re almost done! The only parts left to install are the provided plastic retaining clips (1 per side). You can choose to use the original large metal clips instead of the plastic ones if you would like, but they are harder to install. These large clips keep the rubber molding tight against the side of the trim pieces. To install the retaining clips, pull up on the door card with one hand while putting the clip into place (see the pictures below).

While continuing to pull upward on the door card, use a flat-head screwdriver to work the clip toward the front of the car into its place so that it is fully engaged. See the pictures below to see where the clip should sit.


That’s it, you’re done! Thanks for your purchase and we hope you enjoy your new trims 👌